Accelerate Your Legal Business with the Private Retirement Trustsm Toolbox

The California PRTsm version requires customized planning as it integrates with the private assets on a client’s balance sheet, and therefore offers numerous planning opportunities for attorneys on business, estate and tax planning issues, as well as incentives attorneys for annual reviews and consulting.  We offer our PRTsm Subscription package to help attorneys gain a competitive edge using Exemption Planning while significantly enhancing their practice and profits.

Our PRTsm Attorney Subscription Service package
can help any forward-thinking attorney:

  • Capture substantial client interest
  • Create more planning opportunities
  • Convert cases immediately
  • Enhance per case values
  • Ensure client retention
  • Generate viral referral business

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What do you get as a Subscriber?

PRTsm Technical Package

  • 704.115 Tax Code with Emphasis
  • Case Law Summaries
  • Technical Memorandums
  • White Paper

PRTsm Legal Package

  • PRTsm Trust Document – Legal Instrument
  • PRTsm Schedule A template
  • PRTsm Plan Adoption Agreement
  • PRTsm Plan Beneficiary Designation Forms

PRTsm Marketing Package

  • PRTsm Brochures & Content Materials
  • PRTsm VIDEO Personalized Website Link
  • FAQs for Clients & Advisors
  • Continuing Education (CPE) Syllabus for CPAs

PRTsm Planning Package

  • PRT Diagnosticsm
  • PRT Analyzersm
  • PRT Acceleratorsm
  • PRT Assessmentsm Report

PRTsm Administration Support

  • PRTsm Schedule A Funding
  • PRTsm Financial Reports
  • PRT Asset Benchmark Trackersm Report
  • Complete PRTsm Case Workflow with Client & Advisor Communication

or call 800-730-3020