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Our Value Proposition to CPAs

A CPA runs the risk of client wrath if there are ANY issues that negatively impact their valued clientele, because they are viewed as the ultimate Trusted Advisor that is responsible for overall capital benefits, tax and risk management.

Unfortunately there is just too much information and moving parts associated with the Trust world.  A CPA can’t manage and be knowledgeable in ALL areas of planning and especially in the intensive detailed administration of documentation, such as the property title and asset Schedules for each Trust and the overall estate.

Trust-CFO provides a comprehensive suite of services to help you reduce your risk associated with outdated or improperly administrated Trusts and Estate Plans.  You can rely on us to provide ongoing tracking and reporting to ensure you know your client is fully protected.

What is our value to you?

  • We provide you with a FREE Client Diagnostic to identify and inventory your valuable Client’s comprehensive Estate risks so that you can have an effective conversation to reduce their risks, and yours.
  • We provide a FREE Risk Volatility Report to identify and disclose client estate asset allocation and investment risk, to help you better forecast defensive planning needs and avoid pitfalls and market whiplash.
  • We have resources to help ensure you can solve your clients needs, resolve improper Trust Administration and/or Estate Management, and reduce your risk exposures on failed planning.
  • We are non-threatening and agnostic, providing you true independent advise from a non-adverse Professional Trustee.  We only engage clients when all parties agree it is in their best interests.

What are the NEXT STEPS toward analyzing your Client’s situation?

Call us today 800-730-3020 and set up your FREE Advisor Support account to access our library of resources, and gain a competitive edge in the area of Asset Protection planning.