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Our Value Proposition to Attorneys

There are many skilled Attorneys that provide great value to a client during the design phase of each tactical Trust as integrated into the overall Estate Plan.  The client is clear on what the attorney is trying to accomplish for reaching their overall planning objectives.

Unfortunately, over time a Plan gets stale and advisor continuity gets disjointed, causing unnecessary gaps (risks) and overlaps (inefficiencies), threatening Plan failure and potential exposure to the authoring Attorney and surrounding advisors.

As an independent non-adverse party, Trust-CFOsm can help ensure your Plan is being properly administrated and managed so future risks to both your client and yourself are minimized ongoing, maximizing the opportunity for Plan success.

What is our value to you?

  • We provide a high level of knowledge in trust, estate, business, tax and compensation to assure effective management and efficient administration, optimizing the results of your intended Plan.
  • We coordinate with all Advisors to ensure continuity and Trust efficiency to optimize performance.
  • We offer intensive knowledge of business and tax to help enhance future planning opportunities.
  • We are non-threatening and agnostic, providing you true independent advise from a non-adverse Professional Trustee.
  • We offer the highest degree of skills and technology to be able to help you improve your services at each phase of planning, including design and implementation.

What are the NEXT STEPS toward enhancing and improving your legal services through  Asset Protection planning and Private Trust Planning?

Call us today 800-730-3020 and set up your PRTsm Subscription Services account to access our library of resources, and gain a competitive edge in the area of Asset Protection planning.