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Our Value Proposition to Life Agents

Life Insurance Agents have the most difficult task of trying to convince a client to move productive estate dollars toward insurance premiums that (1) represent moving productive dollars away from themselves to benefit someone else, and (2) have little or no IRR during lifetime.  As with alternative investing, a business owner just won’t do it, because it won’t make economic sense to them, nor will it to their CPA and/or Attorney.

Q: So how can you legitimately help solve business owner liquidity needs, but without negatively affecting their cash flows, and your sale?

Trust-CFO is an expert in risk management and Trust-owned life insurance to actually help enhance and improve a client’s balance sheet.  We have developed the concept of “Active ILIETs” to show you how to gain heightened interest from successful business owners using Trust strategies to solve their protection and preservation needs while also helping to maintain cash flow and profits to their business.

By leveraging both our unique Active ILIET design and our critical administrative skills we can help you:

  • Avoid competing on policy returns, and change the conversation to terms the owner is interested in – enhancing equity, revenues, profits, and net business returns.
  • Use Trusts to more effectively solve life-oriented business planning needs, including: buy-sell agreements, key person, deferred compensation arrangements, and estate liquidity needs.
  • Use Trusts to avoid IRC 101(j) Employer-Owned Life Insurance (EOLI) tax issues
  • Secure Corporate stock or LLC member interests in an asset-protected Trust environment to capture revenues (dividends or distributions) inside the protected Trust, and apply portions of that cash flow toward productive insurance premiums.
  • Use policy cash values to support and secure Trust Loans that support business growth and higher returns by shifting capital to the higher business IRR.
  • Use life insurance as a Trust-owned creditor policy to ensure Trust Loans are repaid at death and all tax-free insurance proceeds kept out of the taxable estate.
  • Capture Trust tax exemptions and use savings to more efficiently pay the pure cost of insurance (COI)

Trust-CFO is a power-partner and resource to some of the major insurance carriers and IMO’s (Insurance Marketing Organizations) in the nation, and has provide our Trust designs and planning expertise to help design, implement and administrate many successful business and estate Plans.

What are the NEXT STEPS to helping improve your business and increase insurance opportunities?  

Call us today 800-730-3020 to get access to our Advisor Planning System and library of resources to give you a competitive edge in the area of Asset Protection planning.