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Our Value Proposition to other Administrators

We have strong partnerships with other administrators that include payroll companies and qualified plan TPAs, who also often work in sync with each other.  These providers have inside knowledge of a successful business and have the ability to identify opportunities to help strengthen the profitability of a business and improve compensation benefits for owners, executives, and employees. Unfortunately, sometimes there is often a disjoint between other advisors that don’t allow them to cultivate and convert on such opportunities.

As a fellow administrator and compensation expert, we are able to work in tandem and help strengthen their business offer and value proposition, as well as reciprocate with their needed services.

Trust-CFO is able to find weak areas on a business balance sheet that can help increase efficiency and profitability, whereby we can actually create capital improvements that can pay for hard admin costs for our TPA partners.

Our services help drive the need for:

  • Profit analysis to find current revenue risks and capital leakage (missed savings)
  • Benefit planning evaluation including reasonable compensation analysis
  • Integrated payroll services to coordinate and report changes in executive and owner personal benefit planning
  • Tax savings discussions with business owners to drive Qualified Plan interest
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) planning evaluation as well as supporting administration services
  • Stock and phantom-stock option planning for business perpetuation planning needs
  • Coordinate Estate planning for Owners and HCEs

What are the NEXT STEPS to help identify joint planning opportunities and increase business revenues?  

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