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Our Value Proposition to Investment Advisors

Investment Advisors seek to capture assets under management by capturing balance sheet equity and pro forma cash flows, but they have to compete against all the other forces competing for the same dollars, and then further compete with each other based on performance and rate of return.

MAIN ISSUE: Investment Advisors find it nearly impossible to get successful business owners to move dollars away from their productive business to what is perceived to be a less profitable investment alternative that they can’t control.  You won’t be able to convert owners solely based on return, so what can you do?

Trust-CFO can help you capture the successful business owner market by showing how certain Trusts can protect their business, equity and profits, and then diversify those Trust assets into a conservative portfolio that they can leverage to support their business cash flows and growth needs.

Our Advisor partners are able to capture significant AUM opportunities with our help:

  • We can help give you gain a significant advantage over all your competitors, using Trusts, not returns.
  • We can help educate business owners on how Trusts do not hurt their cash flow
  • We can help administrate your Trust accounts to ensure that you have the highest possible client retention.
  • We set diversification and risk management protocols in Trusts that require specific investment allocations.
  • We also manage margin lines of credit to support client Estate capital needs.
  • We ensure Trust portfolio is integrated with the overall Estate Plan, which cultivates, captures and converts multiple cross-selling and AUM opportunities.

What are the NEXT STEPS toward opening up significant asset management opportunities in the business world?

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