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Who Can Benefit Most from a PRTsm?

Which Californian can benefit most from Exemption Planning, a Private Retirement Trustsm, and our Administration?

The demographic makeup of a client who gets the most benefits includes:

  • $3mm Net Worth and growing
  • $300,000 income and growing
  • Private Business Owner with excessive liability risks
  • Professionals in risky fields – Doctors
  • Real Estate Developers & Investors
  • Contractors exposed to excessive defect litigation risk
  • Clients whose proceeds from sale of a business or investment is exposed on their personal balance sheet
  • Anyone with rapidly appreciating assets

What is the best way to find out if and how you can benefit from a Private Retirement Trustsm  plan?

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Client Testimonials

I have known Ray for over 25 years. As an executive for publicly traded companies and an owner of private businesses, “trust” is by far the most important thing to me to ensure my assets my family are fully protected. My needs are complex and in constant flux, but somehow their admin team are able to stay ahead of me to make sure I don’t hurt myself by causing unnecessary risks with my business or personal finances. The bottom line is I can always count on them to keep me up to speed on critical knowledge that affects my planning, and rapidly adjust to economic changes. I therefore entrust they will take care of me and my family’s protection needs for the next 25 years.
James J. Cerna, Jr. CFA, President & CFO - Sauce Labs, Inc. BOD - Armada Oil, Inc.
I can’t say enough about the amount of comfort Ray and the complete Trust-CFO team has given me and my family. I never have any doubt that they are always after my best interest, all the time! Read my full testimonial letter on the Business Owner Page and please feel free to contact me for my reference.
Dave Locke, CFO - JLS Environmental, Inc.
I’ve been disenchanted with the lack of knowledge other advisors had, only trying to sell us products and investments, but give no advise on how to asset protect our hard-earned $ without giving it away. Ray was able to take a complex subject and break it down into simple terms my wife and I could understand. We now enjoy the benefits of protecting our investment assets, and how that protection translates into a better economic and safer future for us. I’m even more comfortable knowing that Ray will be there as our Trust-CFO to ensure my trust assets are always protected to meet our retirement and transfer planning goals.
David Holmes, SVP - Ultratech
I wasn’t too concerned about creditors, liabilities and asset protection today, but I did understand I needed to do something now before my ability to protect myself in the future was taken away from me – likely through government legislation. Ray and my CPA were able to show me how I really lose nothing using my Exemption today, and only gain options and flexibility in better managing my cash flows using Trust Loans, as well as use my Trust to tax-efficiently transfer my business upon sale or at death. I recommend every business owner explore all their options – it makes good sense.
Mark Dean, President & CEO - BDS Marketing, Inc.
I view Ray as my estate CFO to help make sure my personal and business world is kept in order and protected. Trust-CFO is a great administrator because his team is organized and efficient and helps keep all my other Advisors on task. He is always available when I have needs and questions, and more importantly he is always pro-active and letting me know when I need to be attending to critical items that affect my planning to help my plan and Trust maintain efficiency, so I feel I’m getting a great value for a reasonable fee! He has both my confidence and endorsement. And he always lets his clients reel in the fish first!
Shane Lesher, President/Owner - Garden Valley Supply, Inc.
Trust-CFO, and specifically Ray Olmo, has been a God send to us! Working with our Attorney, CPA and banking team he has helped guide us through the complexities of our family succession, retirement planning, tax minimization and asset protection and helped develop a plan to achieve our goals in those areas. He has not only addressed our needs but those of our children and their families, and he’s a nice guy too!!
The Griffin Family

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