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John Sheehan and Dave Locke of
JLS Environmental Services, Inc.

JLS Testimonial Letter

Protecting California Business Owners

Business Owners put the most on the line and usually have the most to lose in terms of risk exposures and potential future liabilities. However, they are also the Clients that always seem to fail to invest in a Master Estate Plan. WHY?

MAIN ISSUE: solutions presented to Owners & Executives almost always redirect capital away from a successful “active” business to a less productive “passive” alternative. Therefore, Owners find it difficult to transact when they are unsure of future business cash flow needs and the ability to fund personal planning objectives.

Trust-CFO is able to help our Business Owner clients protect both business and personal assets while also maintaining and even enhancing business cash flows and profits, by employing “active” Trust planning strategies.

Some of the benefits that a Business Owner(s) and/or Executives can receive from working with us may include:

  • Protecting current business equity & future profits
  • Accumulating asset-protected risk reserves to help protect against future revenue risks (margin erosion)
  • Maximizing tax deductions and exemptions to Business Owner(s) and HCE’s
  • Accruing interest expense tax savings from Trust Loans
  • Displacing and extinguishing unwanted commercial creditor liabilities, such as Personal Guarantees
  • Gaining tax-free (compound) growth and increase net returns
  • Offsetting the funding (contribution) & distribution risks associated with qualified retirement plans
  • Solving business continuation, buyout & transfer objectives more cost-efficiently
  • Mitigating costly estate planning and tax liquidity issues up-front

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