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Protecting California through Association

Substantial Value-add to Association Members:

Associations are tired of the same old presentations with redundant information that no longer excites their members. With this major shortage of value-add information to help business owners better survive in California, pro-business associations are desperate for unique ideas and solutions to improve the value to their members.

Association Member Quote: I’ve never seen any type of planning like this and I’m upset I didn’t understand my exemption rights as a Californian earlier.  I see now how I can have a fighting chance to protect my business and revenues in an insane environment in California.

The concepts of Exemption Planning, Private Retirement & Trust Administration each offer a unique value proposition for business owners, but together they offer a powerful package for associations to communicate values and benefits their members.

TRUST-CFO has developed educational platforms tailored for any and all pro-business associations or organizations in California including:

  • Industry Associations such as Builders Industry Association (BIA)
  • CEO & Executive think-tank groups such as Vistage or EO/YEO
  • Advisor Associations such as AICPA & California Society of CPAs (CalCPA)
  • Advisor Networking Groups such as ProVisors

Maximum Values & Greater Benefits for Minimal Cost