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Protecting California Executives

A Highly Compensated Executive (HCE) is the employee of a successful company whose high level income puts them at a substantial planning disadvantage, whereas (1) they quickly exhaust the benefits offered by corporate-sponsored plans/programs and/or are reversely discriminated against for participation, and (2) are limited in personal planning options because they can’t leverage business assets as a non-owner, and (3) are usually illiquid because they have options on future corporate stock but don’t have current liquidity to maintain lifestyle and pay taxes on gains.  HCEs therefore desperately seek planning opportunities to overlay and supplement base level benefits.

Trust-CFO offers substantial financial improvements to HCEs using our private Trust planning designs, strategies and solutions to strengthen protection, accumulation and net benefit distributions.

Some of the additional benefits that our Executive clients receive typically include:

  • Additional Income Tax deductions and savings
  • Capital Gains tax savings on appreciated assets, including stock options, restricted stock units, or other
  • Asset protection of personally owned (non-corporate) assets
  • Risk management hedging on investment portfolios
  • Diversified tax-advantaged investment alternatives
  • Insurance cost management
  • Low-cost estate transfer solutions

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