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The Definition of “Exempt”

1.  free from an obligation or liability imposed on others.

A person or entity that is exempt from something, especially the payment of tax.

The Smartest Way to Save Taxes & Protect Assets from Lawsuit Creditors

Claiming exemptions on your assets, earnings and gains is the most powerful way to protect assets from frivolous lawsuits and minimize all taxation.  But claiming exemption rights is a unique planning process unlike any traditional means and requires a specialist to ensure ALL available exemptions are being exploited (in a good way) for optimum tax savings and protection benefits.

TRUST-CFOsm is the market leader in Tax & Creditor Exemption Planning.

Why Traditional Planning Doesn’t Work for Private Business Owners or Investors

Traditional Planning methods require that one moves assets or cash flow away from a productive business or private investment strategy in order to gain protection or tax savings.  For business owners or private investors this only translates to losing control or irrevocably giving away assets forever, which they just won’t do.

Exemption Planning does not disrupt a current Plan, it simply “exempts” assets from creditors or taxation.

Exemption Planning is like dropping a dome over your world without disrupting it.

Why Exemption Planning is Stronger than Asset Protection Planning

Most of the asset protection strategies promoted today suggest “hiding” assets by transferring assets out of state or offshore, or irrevocably gifting away assets foreer.  These tactics are too expensive from an implementation and management standpoint and additionally the new 2015 California UVTA (Uniform Voidable Transactions Act) has closed the loop-holes for “creditor evasion” tactics and inforce asset “clawbacks” from 2-10 years and impose “fraudulent conveyance” penalties.

  • Exemption Planning is NOT Fraudulent Conveyance Per Se – instead EP involves the purposeful recharacterization of assets by using various federal or state exemptions available and afforded to them under law.

Exemption Planning is infinitely more cost effective and much less risky than transferring or hiding assets to evade creditors or the IRS.

Our Exemption Planning Process employs the following Phases & Steps:

Phase 1:


Identify what assets are exposed and why.


Show the difference and improvements for protecting all earnings and assets as well as minimizing overall taxation.


Map out your Exemption Plan – our recommendations and timeline for securing your exemption rights and benefits.

Phase 2:


Claim all available Creditor Exemptions to Protect assets, earnings and future gains.


Claim all Tax Exemptions to reduce taxes, which improves net earnings, returns and gains.


Administrate the Plan to ensure proper reporting and enforce all future protection and tax benefits.

Conclusion: WIN or LOSE

You can either be exposed to unlimited creditors and lose tax dollars, or weaken your world by spending too much money transferring assets and leaking cash flow…


You can enforce maximum protection and ensure to capture maximum tax cash flows, without impacting your world.

It’s Your Right, It’s Your Choice…to be Exempt.

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