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The Innovation of TRUST-CFOsm – a more efficient version of a Family Office for Business Owners

As the need for Exemption Planning & Trust Administration support has increased, so has the need for a hybrid advisor that combines business knowledge with trust expertise.  Out of this demand forged TRUST-CFOsm.

For over 25 years we have specialized in the support services for “active” assets, including private corporate stock and LLC member interests, which is our differentiator to all other “passive” administration companies; hence the value that our role as CFO provides for Private Trust Administration.

The name has grown in recognition and has built a following within the Private Trust planning circles as we have developed protocols and proprietary systems that take the complexity out of “active” asset management and simplify the process for both clients and advisors.

Our unique service translates to minimizing planning risks, capturing opportunities, and keeping costs manageable – all resulting in a substantial benefit-cost ratio.

Most importantly, our commitment to clients becomes personal and emotional as they choose us as a lifetime representative for their Trusts & Estate, allowing us to help ensure economic comfort for generations.

Pure Protection, Pure Value

TRUST-CFOsm is your ONLY CHOICE to ensure you can get use and enjoyment from your private assets while assuring proper plan oversight and trust administration support to optimize defense against attacking creditors, unnecessary taxation, and other wealth-eroding risks.

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Maximum Values & Greater Benefits for Minimal Cost