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Private Retirement Plans are to Empower Clients to Invest & Direct their Private Assets

Unlike commercially packaged plans offered by the financial services industry, Private Retirement Plans were established by California in 1970 to allow its residents to fund private assets and interests for their retirement and gain substantial creditor protection rights and tax exemption benefits.

Maintain Control & Beneficial Interest in Your Private Investment Strategy, but be Protected.

Innovators of the Private Retirement Trustsm

Having reviewed hundreds of private retirement plans and trusts we have been able to identify and inventory areas of document weakness and strength, both legally and structurally.

We have taken the best of good case law and bad case law to build a base-line document package to ensure the strongest and most tested design so clients and our partner-advisors can be assured they have the best document to enforce their creditor and tax exemption benefits.

The Strongest & Safest Plan Design – Learn More at:

TRUST-CFOsm is the Pioneer of Private Retirement Plan Administration

We have been providing retirement plan and trust administration support for clients, attorneys and referring advisors for over 25 years.

Ultimately, our process has proven itself so in 2015 we filed for a patent-pending on our PRTsm Administration System to protect our process, analytics, algorithms and intellectual property trademarks that together comprise the uniqueness and strength of our planning support system.

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