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Building Your Business for Private Retirement

Ask any business owner: “Why are you building your business?”  The answer is to sell it one day and live comfortably on the proceeds, at retirement.  A business owner’s retirement plan IS their business.

The most powerful feature of the PRTsm is that, unlike all other retirement plans, it can allow for the funding of private business stock (C-Corp or S-Corp) and/or LLC Member Interests as a retirement asset.

PRT-owned corporate shares or LLC member interests are exempt from personal creditors if properly re-characterized for retirement.

The PRTsm is an active trust so it can receive corporate dividends as a shareholder and distributions as a member. It can also take these gains and reinvest capital back in to the business or loan funds to help maintain business cash flows and meet growth objectives.

Note: the funding of active business interests requires intensive and detailed administration and should be reviewed with TRUST-CFOsm as an expert on the subject to ensure proper documentation and funding of interests.

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