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PRT Acceleratorsm – Securing Current Assets against Future PRTsm Plan Funding

The PRTsm Accelerator is one of the most powerful concepts in Asset Protection planning as it uses future income streams and future funding commitments to provide enhanced asset protection benefits today.

The 2 variations of Promissory Note “accelerated” funding include:

  1. Private Asset: a personal or business loan to a private party that is secured with an interest return, and can therefore be funded to a PRTsmas a legitimate income-producing asset for retirement.  Such a note can now be exempt not only to the owner, but for the borrower that offers collateral to secure the note.
  2. PRTsmAccelerator: the combined value of all future contributions has a present value that needs to be contributed as a Promissory Note to the PRTsm. The PRTsm trustee will then place a lien on exposed estate assets as collateral to secure its position.  The net result is a tertiary level of asset protection on non-PRT (non-exempt) assets that could be attacked by creditors.

The PRTsmAccelerator is the present value of all future funding commitments and can provide an 8-10x multiple of asset protection as compared to all other asset funding options.

The documentation and administration of Promissory Note funding is critical, otherwise defense may be substantially weakened. With our banking expertise and case experiences, we have compiled a complete library of required documentation to ensure all assignments, collateral and security agreements are properly administrated to enforce maximum defense of current and future PRTsm Plan assets.

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