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PRTsm Real Estate secures True Asset Protection while Retaining All the Benefits

Real Estate investments are fraught with risk and are easily sought by an attacking creditor as a high-value asset that can be liened and liquidated to satisfy a judgment.  The problem is that once lost in suit a client loses not only existing equity but all future cash flow streams, so the negative impact at retirement is substantially compounded.

All real estate equity and appreciation as well as all income distributed from a PRTsmare fully exempt from creditor attachment.

Funding real estate interests to a PRTsmadds a substantial level of asset protection over and above basic level planning, which may include casualty coverage or LLC ownership.

But unlike all other transfer or gifting solutions, a PRTsmis tax-neutral so the critical tax benefits of real estate are retained in full, including 1031 exchange (deferral) opportunities.  More importantly PRTsmfunding avoids any negative tax triggers, including property reassessment property taxation, so a PRTsmparticipant-beneficiary gets all the advantages of asset protection without forfeiting the benefits.

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